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Salami Sausage (100g Pack)

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Salami is great on pizza or with a salad



Salami is great on pizza or with a salad or if you like the german breakfast than this is the perfect sausage.salami is very strong in tast and is one of the most popular sausages in the world.


It is a product with very ancient origins evolved over the centuries into several types that now make up a true family subdivided into regional specialties. Italian salamis differentiate themselves according to the type of meat grinding (whether fine, medium or coarse) and according to the spices and ingredients (garlic, chili pepper, fennel seeds, wine) used that contribute to give each individual type a very specific personality.

In the Italian salami, meat, fat and other possible ingredients are minced together, put into casings and matured. Then, towards the end of the maturation period, each salami type develops its own typical aroma. The shape is generally elongated and varies in size; when sliced, the inside looks red with grains of white/pink fat, the odor is intense and appetizing and the flavor clearly defined.

Some of the most renowned salamis are the following: salami Milano (extremely fine grain), salami Felino (medium-sized grain), Hungarian salami (fine grain and slightly smoked), salami Napoli (fine grain) and Soppressa Veneta (medium-sized grain), and at least five types, namely Brianza, Piacentino, Salame di Varzi, Soppressata di Calabria and Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora have been given the PDO Community recognition.

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