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NEW-Licolnshire Gold Award Breakfast Sausage 83g (500g Pack)

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(NEW) Great Licolnshire Gold Award Breakfast Sausage with a strong taste on sage 50g Sausage King Think you like this choise of Sausage



This sausage has won so many Awards that your missing out if you do not try.This is a great breakfast sausage with a great taste of sage

This is a sausage kings special Flavourburst sausage and this sausage is a course meat sausage and full of taste.Its a great breakfast sausage.

English Dinner Sausage (Small) 50g

Sausage King Sausages you can trust
Our sausages contain 90%+ meat and only prime
cuts of pork are used in them. No MSG,preservatives are added to the process.

Only products that we cannot source locally are
Imported from outside of Thailand

How to cook our sausages

You can grill, bake, fry or barbecue our sausages,
but however you cook them, don't prick them! The natural casings keep the flavour tightly packed in.
Our sausages are packed with meat, so will take a little longer to cook than normal sausages. Make
sure they are piping hot in the middle, then allow them to rest for a minute or two before you enjoy
your well-deserved sausage treat!

The earliest recorded reference to the recipe for Lincolnshire sausage dates to May 1886, although John Pettit Butchers of Grimsby claims, “Our Lincolnshire sausage, still made to an original family recipe dating back to 1810, is enjoyed worldwide.”

The reasoning behind the meat being chopped coarsely rather than mashed was discussed in a 1930’s compilation of butchers’ recipes which stated that ‘Northern’ butchers such as those in Lincolnshire preferred coarsely chopped meat which gives the sausage more ‘bite’ when eaten'

(ไส้กรอกดินเนอร์ 50g

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