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Chicken Balti 350g

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Chicken Balti (แกงไก่โบที)
great rich and well spiced Indian curry



Chicken Balti (แกงไก่โบที)
great rich and well spiced Indian curry

Balti is more a style of cooking than one particular curry. The word balti can be translated as "bucket" (i.e. a cooking pan) and some say the style of cooking is indigenous to an area of northern Pakistan known as Baltistan. Further information on the origins of balti can be found in most good cook books. A balti pan is basically a karahi which has the shape of a Chinese wok but with 2 small round handles on either side of the pan instead of one long handle. In specialist "Balti Houses" the balti is a meal in itself which contains both meat and vegetables and is eaten straight from the karahi using curled up pieces of nan bread. In standard Indian restaurants the balti is more of a stir-fried curry containing plenty of fried green peppers and fresh coriander  (Medium hot.)

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