Sausage King Co.,Ltd.
Established sine 2005


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Sausage King Company Thailand was founded in November 21st 2008/2551 by British National Mr. Robert David Brown.


What makes Sausage King different to most other companies and why should you buy from us?


1/ The secret of Sausage King’s success is mostly a result of our high quality products. We emphasize quality control and consistency in food products manufactured by us, while also maintaining strict hygiene conditions that Sausage King Products are manufactured under. We are credited by FDA/GMP food safety and the Good Food Manufacture code. At Sausage King we don’t buy a single mass-produced food product from any other company, and we are proud to tell you that Sausage King manufactures 100% of our vast food product range.

2/ This gives Sausage King total control of quality as well as knowing we are using only best ingredients.

3/ Our dedication to the quality and innovation is what drives Sausage King every day to maintain the highest quality standard of food products for our wholesale and retail customers.

4/ Sausage King Company is a DBD registered company and has become one of the leading supermarket suppliers inThailand/Asia. We are rapidly expanding into many new supermarkets in Thailand/Asia 




Map to Sausage King Head Office Chiang Mai.